Analyse the Past - Visualise the Future

A complete financial & operational data management solution delivered via cloud or on your own hardware

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An overview of Essatto

Essatto is a cloud based service that delivers a complete enterprise data management platform to small to medium businesses. 

Users of Essatto range from accountants & advisors wanting to manage client data to small/medium businesses looking to improve their profitability through more accurate reporting and analysis.

Key features of Essatto include

  • Dynamic two-way Excel add-in

  • Connectors to multiple data sources

  • Dashboard Designer & Publisher

  • Budgeting and Forecasting management


Essatto Detailed Product Tour

Overview (0:00)

Dashboards (2:10)

Hierarchy Management (10:16)

Fast Budgets (16:46)

Excel Add-In (20:15)

User Security (26:30)



Summary of Essatto KEY FUNCTIONS

Analyse the Past & Visualise the Future : Manage the data that drives business decisions in the one place with Essatto.

Connect & Combine data

Mashup and aggregate data from multiple sources over multiple years, companies, currencies, customers etc... Get started quickly with Fast-Connect.


Comprehensive business intelligence functionality that supports data visualisation and data discovery as well as management & budget variance reporting.


Create a budget or run what-if scenarios across the business in minutes with Fast-Budgets.

custom hierarchies

Easily build custom hierarchies to summarise and report group data.

user data access controls

Control user access rights and privileges including abilities to input data to Essatto. 

essatto excel add-in

Retain existing spreadsheets and submit key data (such as budgets) back to Essatto for others to review results immediately via dashboards or reports.

Essatto Business Cases

Budgets in minutes

Have staff setup budgets in minutes, not hours. Gone are the days of complex budgets and forecasts!

Multi Company/Currency

Essatto allows users to manage the consolidations of multiple companies across multiple entities seamlessly.

Quote/Cost Analysis

Analyse your cost per quote versus revenue per quote. Also compare quotes, revenue and wages per month.

Google + ERP views

Produce reports including Google Analytics data + ERP data + other data sources to create scenarios for optimal marketing spend.

Reporting Mash-ups

Many businesses find the only way to combine operational and financial data is with spreadsheets. Essatto loads data from multiple sources to produce combined report outputs.

Traversing Systems 

In situations where data is across multiple systems, including historical data and user is moving to new applications, Essatto is an ideal staging tool ensuring continuity.

Managed Budget Inputs 

Rather than giving line managers full access to core systems, Essatto Excel Add-In can share relevant data with staff for designated inputs that are then summarised.

Manage your Business Data from one place!

Essatto gives you visibility over your financial and operational data making it easier for you to budget + forecast and make informed decisions.