Essatto Partner Program

Essatto as a data solution is designed for the management of multiple data sources and therefore lends itself for application with partners that provide products and services to a range of clients where client data is applied for analysis or reporting purposes.

Software Implementers & Publishers - If your have access to client data then Essatto can enable you to add value to this data and in-turn provide improved insights and analysis. This includes bench-marking and key performance dashboards.

Accountants & Advisors - Here is a great way for you to expand and compliment your advisory role. Essatto gives you the platform to produce meaningful client reports and analysis as well as provide an easy means of clients to update budgets and forecasts. 

Franchise Operations - A common pain across many franchise operations is the ability to extract performance data from franchisees. With Essatto you can either connect to a franchisee accounting data-file or provide a pre-formatted custom Excel worksheet to individual sites for completion.

Essatto partner program

The Essatto Partner Program provides a means of engagement with Essatto and is suited for software implementers, accountants, business advisors and OEM vendors. Key benefits of partnering with Essatto include...


Essatto partners have access to special pricing breaks and volume based discounts. They also generate consulting opportunities. 


The Essatto Knowledge Base provides partners with a wide range of learning resources.


All partners have access to Essatto technical resources for both support and assistance.


Essatto partners are given opportunities to promote their custom enhancements and abilities amongst the Essatto community. 

sandbox access

Essatto partners are provided with special access to demo and test environments.

product roadmap

Partners are provided with early access to future releases as well as opportunities for involvement in the developmental road-map

partner registration form

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